The DuraCoat System is the very latest in finishing technology. Its  offers the versatility, durability and user friendly characteristics of DuraCoat. DuraCoat can be applied to , alloys, , synthetics, wood, etc, etc. No preheating or baking is required.

DuraCoat comes in 61 standard colors plus Clear and can be blended to match any color of the spectrum. Packaged in matte and semi-gloss sheens, DuraCoat can be blended to any sheen leave, and applied in a multitude of textures. DuraCoat is available in an ever growing line of CamoPaks with a variety of Peel ‘N Spray Camo Templates providing a complete firearms camouflage system.

We at our have use Rustoleum 2X and heat treat between each coat and give similar effect.

Below is from Duracoat site
The process of applying DuraCoat is not much more difficult than painting a lawn chair with spray . The biggest difference is that DuraCoat is a resin and you must mix it with the supplied hardener before spraying it on your , or with DuraBake you have to bake the up to temperature to cure.

Duracoat should only be applied indoors in a garage or similar building with good ventilation or outdoors and never in the home. Masks, N-95 paper filter type are always recommended as minimum protection with good ventilation. Always wear safety goggles when working with any chemicals.

DuraCoat will react with any uncured Silicone near your project.
Even Silicone in a sealed tube across the room can cause a reaction. Usually it causes bubbles to form in the Duraoat.