ATF 41F The last couple of years with the fight against ATF 41P. The rule was finalized and published in the Federal Register on the morning of (1/15/2016). The new ATF 41F brings many new changes to how this industry works, but here are the main things to keep in mind: Here is the full Ruling […]
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Manufacturer Malfunction With Scope Mount on Howa .22 LR

Manufacturer Malfunction With Scope Mount on Howa .22 LR It doesn’t happen all the time; however, it does happen. We had a Howa .22 LR with an offset scope mount. Thankfully, our gunsmith was able to reset without a problem. Our gunsmith needed to use the centering tool on the milling machine. This would let […]
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Real Gun Bluing Knowledge

Real Gun Bluing Knowledge Bluing is most commonly used by gun manufacturers, gunsmiths and gun owners to improve the cosmetic appearance of, and provide a measure of corrosion resistance to, their firearms. Bluing also helps to maintain the metal finish by resisting tangential scratching, and also helps to reduce glare to the eyes of the […]
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