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  • J Parker,

    Thanks for re-bluing well bluing my post 94 Winchester which was rusting in my closet for the last 15 years... It is nice that I could find someone online with your ease of communication. Your turn around was okay but you may want to share the time it will take since your gunsmith is there on weekend only. Thanks again, J Parker, New York

  • Jim Wallace,

    Thanks for the 5/8"-24 threading you did on my Remington 700 .308 rifle. Most places online charge a high price but what I liked about your gunsmith service was that I only had to send the stripped receiver and barrel and the price was just in my budget . Thanks Jim Wallace, Ohio

  • R Coates,

    Your two week turnaround was a bit long, but the craftsmanship was awesome. I did appreciate the fact that I could either send you the full firearm or the stripped portions and that the cost was based on time and the not job. I did like the McMillan tan color that I chose. R Coates, Ohio

  • D Weibel,

    Thanks again for fabricating a firing pin for my Star model s series .380 I fires perfectly. Loveland, OH

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